Moments of Solace | Raj Delhi Couture

Raj Delhi Couture-46

“The soul finds solace
In the soliloquy
As sense prevails
Sonorous voice
Touches the self
Making complete sense
Simple moments
Salubrious to the soul
Mind and heart in sync
Simple seeking
Worth the search.”

Raj Delhi Couture-4

Raj Delhi Couture presents their spring/summer 17 Pret collection by Rajat Matta & Utkarsh Soi in Moments of Solace conceptualised & directed by Shevaal Singh.

This beautiful photo series was captured by Keshlan Nadasen with cinematography by Kritesh Haribans and styled by Shevaal Singh with makeup artistry by Karishma Maharaj.

Set in the scenic valleys of Botha’s Hill at the Chapel & Hotel Chantecler, Model Kimara Jamun played muse to the concept of Solace – a feeling of comfort where she sought & found solace in love through a higher power.







Tu mane ya na mane dildara
(accept it or not my beloved)

asan te tenu rab manya
(I have made YOU my God)

Das hor keda rab da dwara
(tell me what other God shall I plead to)

asan te tenu rab manya
(I have made YOU my God)

Raj Delhi Couture-601141113122Raj Delhi Couture-59


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