Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the marriage between great design and strategy birthed from the relationship that exists between your brand and your customer.

We specialise Niche Marketing – which is essentially the business of promoting and selling products or services to a specialised segment of a market! Remember, the ‘niche’ does not exist, rather it is created using creative and innovative techniques and identifying consumer behaviour.

Strategy & Marketing

At Tempest Media, we believe in a strategy first approach to discover opportunities to share their products or services to relevant markets who will engage with your brand meaningfully, resulting in sales, leads and a growing customer base.  Depending on your business type, we will use the combination of a Website,  Facebook, Instagram and AdWords Marketing to effectively grow your brand.

Campaign Creation 

Part of a great Marketing Strategy is the way content is presented to your audience. We create an editorial campaign pairing Graphic Design, Video Production and Photography.

Graphic Design

Our team of designers create contemporary design pieces for digital and print with a high-end editorial finish.

Be noticed with a great logo paired with effective and alluring artwork design illustrating who you are, what your brand represents. With us, at Tempest Media, it is all about visual storytelling that leads to customer engagement. Let us tell your story through digital design for Social Media Platforms or print design ranging from business cards to billboards.

Video Production

Tell your story to the right people.

Did you know? “Over 8 Billion hours of video are viewed on Facebook and Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.  Join the conversation and start speaking the native language of entertainment: sight, sound, and motion”

At Tempest Media, we craft videos that depict your brand and effectively reach the right people based on user preferences, demographics, and location. We will help you craft compelling video narratives & visual stories that will delight your audience. Our expert team of directors, writers, stylists, models, dancers, videographers, photographers are standing by to deliver video projects your brand can be proud of.


A great photo starts multiple conversations, let our team of experienced photographers capture your products for your website, social media posts or editorial campaign in a studio or on location.

Web Design

A great website is an investment for growth.  It presents and represents your brand to your customers. creating trust and credibility.  A great marketing strategy is incomplete without a website that comprises of your portfolio of work or the ability to feature the items you sell.