NEW LOOK: Indian Weddings in South Africa

Indian Weddings in South Africa is a Tempest Media brand. We are extremely happy to announce that we have finally created our logo and we would like to tell you about our design process. 

The theme for 2017 is विरासत | Viraasat, which is the Hindi word for Heritage. We are celebrating the beauty and roots of our culture this year.

Our design process began with inspiration from a painting of Rani Padmani. She was a legendary 13th-14th-century Queen (Rani). The earliest sources mentioned her as Padmavati. She is one of the most iconic Rajput queens as she defended her honour and upheld her pride and integrity of the people of Rajasthan. According to paintings, poetry and literature, the poise, style and grace of Rani Padmavati live on through numerous Indian bridal rituals and attire. Therefore we pay homage to Rani Padmani (Padmavati) through design. 

When expanding from the core of our design, we used colours that each possesses a significance in Hindu culture. Gold signifies self-worth and dignity, Red indicates both sensuality and purity while Sand represents qualities of earthiness and bravery while Green showcases festivity and happiness framed together in Yellow that symbolises peace, meditation, competence and knowledge, set on White which is the equiveillance of purity and innocence. After binding all these concepts together, we proudly present the official logo of Indian Weddings in South Africa (Facebook) and @indianweddings_sa (Instagram). 


Indian WeddingsSouth Africa (2)


Concept & Design by Shevaal Singh

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