Shringar: Heritage-Luxe Collection 2021 – Part I

Shringar Heritage Luxe Collection 2021 is a collection of Luxury ensembles that are timeless and intricately crafted in soulful shades of Red and beautiful Emerald Green hues that are perfect for the Modern Day Heritage Bride who wishes to pay homage to tradition.
The Heritage Luxe Collection 2021 is available at Durban & Johannesburg stores.
20 Outlet Park
59 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga
031 566 1364
Shop 13 Grand Centre East
Grand Place, Lenasia
011 852 4982
Model: Nayalka Navikishore
Styling & Direction: Shevaal Singh
Images: Yash R Photography
Production: Tempest Media
Video: Yash R Photography
Video Edit: Shevaal Singh