Raj Delhi Couture presents Madhaaniyan – a concept crafted and directed by Shevaal Singh. In Punjabi, Madhaaniyan describes the process of churning milk to butter. It is a phase of transformation and change in one’s life. This photo series showcases unsaid moments and emotions.

Miss India South Africa International 2016, Kimara Jamun was dressed in Raj Delhi Couture by Rajat Matta & Utkarsh Soi and styled by Shevaal Singh. The photo series was captured by our photographer Keshlan Nadasen and creative cinematography by Kritesh Haribans, set in Coedmore Castle.

Untitled design (2)

“As a young woman stands on the threshold of life, she wails & wonders about the irony of her life… born to someone, taken by another, simply because she weaves the dream of marriage. Ready to fly as she symbolically reflects upon the memory of rainbow pigeons that freely sing in the courtyard of her father’s palatial home.”

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The first look presented showcases a gorgeous embossed and embellished gold blouse and a  turquoise silk brocade print skirt from Raj Delhi Couture with earrings from Collete. This look illustrates youthfulness as a young woman collects and reflects upon her memories.


While wondering about her future, the young woman thinks about the day she has to leave the home of her parents, adorned as a bride. We achieved bridal elegance by pairing this beautiful brocade and embellished deep red Anarkali-suit with subtle embroidery from Raj Delhi Couture with statement jhumkis (earrings) and a deep red bindi (dot).




blu (3).jpg


The final look showcases an orange and peach Anarkali-suit with soulful embroidery and embellishment, illustrating the moments the young woman collects memories and wishes to turn back time so she can experience all these moments again, before embarking on her journey of marriage.

Watch the cinematic glimpse into this soulful showcase.

Campaign Credits

Direction & Concept: Shevaal Singh
Collection: Raj Delhi Couture
Model: Kimara Jamun – Miss India SA Int’l
Cinematography: Kritesh Haribans
Editor: Kritesh Haribans
Photography: Keshlan Nadasen
Hair & Styling: Shevaal Singh
Make-Up: Karishma Maharaj
Music: Madhaniya
Singer: Neha Bhasin
Composer: Sameer Uddin
Location: Coedmore Castle, Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

A Tempest Media Production.
Made with love!